Precious memories are at the heart of all families.

  • Events.  Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties, Special Events of All Kinds
  • Family Histories. Combining archival video and still photography with interviews and scripted narration, we help families preserve their unique histories told through their own words and images.  
  • Preservation. We help save and restore irreplaceable/precious personal video and photographic collections, repair damaged film and videotape, edit and create engaging, watchable videos of un- or poorly-edited original film and video footage. 

Contact us today for help preserving your family memories. 


Sample Projects

 A Surprise Marriage Proposal Complete With Hidden Microphone!

 A little teaser of a wedding edit-in-progress

And,  spontaneously, we move outdoors for the first dance!

A More Intimate Wedding

We rescued this 42 year old videotape, edited and formatted it for viewing on DVDs, on computers and on the Internet.